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Implementing quality practices helps companies minimize risk, maximize value, and empower employees to take ownership.


Enhanced 健康 and safety guidance procedure for the development of wind energy employers during pandemics

Achieving operational excellence through a Quality Assurance program.

Implementing a quality assurance program minimizes risk and helps lead to successful clean energy projects.

Implementing quality practices helps companies minimize risk, maximize value, and empower employees to take ownership. The quality of processes across 业务 lines ensures confidence and operational excellence. Whether focusing on construction, 操作, 或安全, 机场核心计划 provides support with a platform of targeted guidelines aimed at providing steps needed to achieve operational excellence.

机场核心计划的 Quality Assurance Guidelines document, created by the Quality Assurance Networking Group, provides guidelines on what a quality assurance program should entail. Utilize this document to help develop or improve a quality program for wind generation. A quality program preserves your asset value, reduces operating cost, reduces your safety risk, and assures compliance to expectations.

Quality Assurance Networking Group

机场核心计划 members can join this group and support the clean energy industry on quality and operational excellence. The 机场核心计划 Quality Assurance Networking Group provides an opportunity for members to share lessons learned and serves as a network for information sharing on key policy, 业务, and technical issues, and developments impacting quality assurance programs.

If you are interested in joining the 机场核心计划 Quality Assurance Networking Group, please email om@www.hitwatchers.com


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