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ACP unites the power and resources of onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, transmission, 以推进我们共同的政策目标,加快dafa8888成为美国主要能源的进程.

Learn about our mission, policy principles and member benefits.

We are stronger when we speak with a unified voice.

ACP代表了来自dafa8888行业的公司的声音,他们为气候危机提供了具有成本效益的解决方案,同时创造了就业机会, spurring investment in the American economy, and driving innovation across the country.

如今,可再生能源正在大规模运营,预计将在美国增长300%.S. and 500% globally in the next 30 years.

Today, 可再生能源在创造就业机会的同时,为气候危机提供了具有成本效益的解决方案, spurring local investment, and powering high-tech innovation across the United States. Many of our businesses are invested across the sector—wind, solar, transmission, and storage—a trend we expect will continue.

Bottom line, the renewable industry has evolved significantly, and it’s only natural that our trade associations should evolve with us. By uniting the power of the renewable energy industry, 我们正在为我们的成员提供更高的投资回报率,同时努力使dafa8888成为美国的主要能源.

Key benefits of ACP membership include:

Information and best practices exchange


Participation in exclusive events

Learn more with exclusive policy briefings, networking opportunities, and invitations to premier industry events.

Access to data and tools


A voice at the table


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Our industry is operating at scale today and is expecting 3x growth in the U.S. over the next 30 years.

Access to a wide range of exclusive benefits

As a multi-technology trade group, 我们可以利用dafa8888的地理和经济足迹, increase collaboration with members on both sides of the aisle, 回应国会山的领导人,他们要求我们用更统一的声音说话, and create more sales and networking opportunities by diversifying our membership, all while providing our members with additional benefits.

Member portal

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Exclusive resources

ACP Resources

American Clean Power membership unlocks access to exclusive resources such as:



  • Industry Market Reports
  • CleanPowerIQ
  • Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide
  • Publications and Reports
  • O&M Recommended Practices
  • Utility Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Database


Data access

Renewable energy data

Propel your businesses success by utilizing ACP’s proprietary  data to make smart, informed decisions.


  • CleanPowerIQ is a comprehensive, interactive online database that provides data on all operational, under construction, and advanced development projects in the United States, as well as all active industry-related manufacturing facilities.
  • Market Reports: ACP’s U.S. Industry Market Reports provide an in-depth look at the U.S. clean power industry, including market rankings of major players, state-by-state details, economic and environmental impacts, assessment of power offtake and wind capacity ownership, manufacturing and supply chain, project finance, offshore wind, transmission, and more.
  • 州RPS市场评估:ACP的州RPS市场评估提供了美国各地不断发展的可再生能源组合标准(RPS)政策的细节,以及这些政策将推动新的dafa8888项目的潜在需求.
  • O&M建议的实践:运行现有的项目代表着美国越来越多的一部分.S. clean power industry and offers new business opportunities.

Education and events

Learn and network at ACP events

ACP主办各种主要行业活动,包括年度dafa8888大会 & Exhibition. 会员可以获得独家折扣,以及对演讲时段的强烈偏好.

  • Attend: ACP活动聚集了dafa8888行业最具知识的头脑,并为讨论对行业专业人士及其公司至关重要的问题建立了一个合作平台. 会员可以在所有ACP活动上获得显著折扣,并免费参加仅限会员参加的网络研讨会.
  • Speak: 在ACP活动上发言是一个很好的机会,可以与业内同事分享你的知识,并为你和你的公司带来知名度. Strong preference is given to members. 会员必须参加会议计划委员会或担任计划主席.
  • Exhibit: 在ACP展会上展出将给您的公司增加销售的无限机会, reach new buyers, close deals, and strengthen your brand. Members receive exclusive discounts.
  • Sponsor: 赞助让你有机会向成千上万的行业买家传播你的公司品牌, technical experts, and market suppliers. Sponsorship is available to ACP members only.

In addition to conferences and exhibitions, ACP有一个强大的网络研讨会项目,帮助您了解dafa8888行业的最新动态. They provide tactical, informational, and up-to-the-minute material that sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge.

Join clean power committees


Increase your voice in the clean power space by joining a committee.

Why join an ACP committee?

  • Increase your knowledge in areas of interest to you: 有许多政策、法规和技术委员会处理不同的主题.
  • Meet industry leaders with similar interests: When you join an ACP committee, 你将与来自世界各地的行业领袖互动,无论是面对面的还是在线的,他们的兴趣与你相似, 他们中的许多人已经在这个行业工作了几十年,可以帮助你发展专业关系,并为你提供职业建议.
  • Increase your value to your employer: Employers recognize the value of serving on ACP committees.
  • Share your knowledge: By serving on an ACP committee, 为了整个行业的利益,你有机会在一个特定的主题上分享你的专业知识.

There has never been a more active or important time for our industry’s work. Members can edit their policy and advocacy committee participation here (login required). Operations committees are still available as well for members. If you are interested in more information on, or joining any of ACP’s operations, EHS, or workforce development committees, please reach out to Michele Mihelic.


Jim Murphy

President & COO, Invenergy
ACP Board Chair

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Refer A New Member

你可以推荐一家能从ACP会员资格中受益的公司,从而帮助dafa8888行业团结起来, or whose voice should be heard, and expertise shared for the benefit of the entire industry. 为了表示我们的感谢,如果他们加入,我们会送你一件你选择的ACP纪念品!

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Have questions? 想了解更多关于您的组织如何能加入其他数百家公司,帮助确定美国dafa8888的未来? Reach out to our membership team today.

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