Offshore wind power facts


海上风能是美国下一个主要能源来源, representing a generational opportunity to create jobs and bolster the economy. It is an abundant clean energy solution for large population centers looking to source more of their power from clean sources, 不断下降的成本使它变得越来越经济.


This first-of-its-kind study details clean energy’s potential to unlock economic growth and achieve majority renewable electricity generation within the next decade.


States have established nearly 40,000 MW of offshore wind procurement targets to date.


开发商计划推出10款,300 MW of offshore wind online by 2026 by developing 12 offshore wind projects.


Reaching 30 GW of U.S. 到2030年,美国近海风能将创造83000个新的工作岗位.



Offshore wind is an abundant clean energy solution for many coastal electricity load centers, 哪个国家的人口和能源需求比例更高.

Proximity to Americans

大约80%的美国人居住在离海岸200英里的范围内. Offshore wind can generate significant amounts of electricity close to consumers.


Coastal load centers have the highest energy demand and the highest wholesale electricity prices due to this demand.


The U.S. 拥有世界级的海上风能资源, 有能力供应大量可负担得起的, reliable power.

Enormous energy potential

The U.S. 美国能源部发现,美国的能源需求正在下降.S. 到2050年可以安装总计86000兆瓦的海上项目.

Jobs & economic benefits

在稳定的政策就位后,美国将继续保持经济稳定.S. 到2030年,海上风能开发能创造8.3万个就业机会吗.

Harness oil & gas expertise

海上风能利用了美国的技术.S. oil & gas workers, who have decades of experience with ocean energy infrastructure.


海上风力价格可能会被锁定20年或更长时间, 作为对波动的化石燃料价格的对冲.




Wind energy refers to the process of creating electricity using air flows that occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. 就像陆基涡轮机一样, modern offshore wind turbines capture kinetic energy from the wind and generate electricity. 第一步是风吹过涡轮机叶片.



Offshore wind turbines use a variety of drivetrain designs to extract power from the wind: in all varieties of designs, however, generators in a range of configurations create electricity from the rotating power and turning a generator.



DC power from generators is converted to AC electricity and transferred to cables buried throughout the footprint of the wind farm. These centralize the electricity to export cables that deliver the power to be used many miles away.


Building America’s offshore wind project pipeline will bring enormous economic benefits to communities across America. 海上风能将创造一个新的美国供应链, tens of thousands of jobs, 振兴港口社区, 并刺激全国各地对当地经济的投资. dafa8888行业的拟议投资包括近3美元.制造业30亿, ports, vessels, 人力发展及研究领域, with many more on the way.  探索我们的海上风能建议投资地图了解更多.


Frequently asked questions

Yes. There are limited impacts to marine ecosystems or seafood supply from offshore wind. Although offshore wind lease areas encompass hundreds of square kilometers, 风力涡轮机结构只占该区域的一小部分. With turbine spacing and layouts coordinated with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the U.S. Coast Guard, leasing areas can continue to be used for many of the same purposes for which they were originally used, 例如商业和娱乐钓鱼, recreational boating, and tourism-related trips. BOEM在指定海上风力区域时征求广泛的公众意见.


Yes. BOEM和海岸警卫队都不会禁止船只, 包括商业渔船, 从租赁区域过境(或在租赁区域内捕鱼). 作为BOEM批准程序的一部分, developers have to submit a navigation safety risk assessment (NSRA) as a part of their construction and operations plan (COP), which is then reviewed by the Coast Guard and BOEM to ensure compatibility with safe navigation.

What are some of the benefits of offshore wind to the grid and the environment?

Offshore wind is clean, renewable, and reliable and located near the coast. Approximately 50% of the U.S. 人们居住在离海岸50英里的范围内. The U.S. 拥有世界级的海上风能资源.

Are there any offshore wind farms or projects presently in the United States?

Yes. The U.S. currently has one operational offshore wind project with many more on the way. 这是美国第一个商业海上风能项目, 布洛克岛风力发电厂, 上线于2016年12月. 由深水风能公司开发, 布洛克岛风力发电厂 is a 30 MW project with five turbines located in state waters off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island. The two-turbine, 12 MW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) pilot project finished construction in June 2020 and commenced commercial operations off the coast of Virginia Beach in January 2021. CVOW项目是联邦水域的第一个海上风力项目.

The U.S. 目前共有海上风电项目管道14余条,到目前为止,联邦租赁区已经发放了000兆瓦的电力. In addition, two offshore wind demonstration projects are planned for development in state waters off Ohio and Maine. 项目开发商目前预计将有12个海上风电项目,总计10个,到2026年将投入使用300兆瓦.

States are driving strong demand for offshore wind energy and have established targets to procure a total of close to 30,到2035年,海上风力发电将达到000兆瓦.  随着稳定的政策到位,美国能源部发现了美国的能源政策.S. 到2050年,可以开发总计86gw的海上风电项目吗.


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The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management also features several useful resources about U.S. offshore wind:






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