# AmericanCleanPowerWeek: Solar power is a key climate solution that creates jobs, 推动创新, 加强我们的经济

It’s day two of # AmericanCleanPowerWeek! Today we are highlighting 太阳能 power, a key climate solution that can help meet our nation’s 100%无碳能源目标 by 2035.

Utility-scale 太阳能 power is the 3rd largest source of renewable energy in the country, 产生足够的能量供12人使用.100万个家庭. Today, 太阳能 energy delivers over 12% of the electricity produced in California 和 Nevada.

Solar costs have fallen over 90% over the last decade, making 太阳能 power one of the most affordable sources of new electricity across the nation. Solar power was the #2 energy type among new power additions in 2020, 和 reduced costs for consumers 和 buyers has enabled 太阳能 power generation to scale up like never before.

That growth translates into American jobs. There are nearly 232,000 American 太阳能 workers across the country, 与 more on the way. Solar installer is the nation’s third fastest-growing profession根据美国国务院的报告.S. 劳工统计局.

Solar projects like the newly opened Bighorn Solar array in Colorado are just one of the many examples of how the clean energy industry is powering American jobs 和 driving our nation toward a lower-carbon future. 300兆瓦的太阳能阵列, built in collaboration 与 机场核心计划 members Lightsource bp, bp, 和Xcel能源, will provide electricity to a steel mill, reducing the facility’s industrial emissions while creating more than 1,000个工作岗位. The steel mill will be the first in the world to be largely powered by the sun 和 is a prime example of what the future of energy can look like as we transition to a clean energy future.


With 太阳能 being less expensive 和 more readily available, major companies are turning to the sun to power their operations. More Fortune 500 companies are purchasing clean energy sources like 太阳能 power, having recognized that it’s an affordable, 可靠的 option to power operations 和 reach sustainability goals. 事实上,根据机场核心计划的最新报告 released Clean Power Quarterly 2021 Q3 Market Report, dem和 for clean power continues to rise 与 corporate customers announcing over 37,000兆瓦的dafa8888.

And when companies invest in 和 partner 与 the 太阳能 energy industry, their communities benefit. From creating jobs to providing additional tax revenue 和 extra sources of income, 太阳能 energy is helping communities grow across America. Solar power delivers over $800 million a year in state 和 local tax payments to communities 和 l和owner lease payments to farmers 和 农场主. That’s new income communities can use to invest in schools, 解决道路, 基金紧急服务, 投资未来, 和 use to provide extra sources of income for farmers, 农场主, 和地主.

Solar power is a vital source of clean energy 和 is a key part of The United States of Clean Energy. 我们的 最新季度市场报告 also shows that more 太阳能 power is on the way 和 represents 54% of the clean power capacity in the project pipeline.

现在,国会有一个 机会 to further accelerate our clean energy future by supporting private investment in clean energy like 太阳能 power. 现在正是时候. 


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